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Mission For Nations International Ministry

Mission for Nations International Ministry (Teliko Letwlid Bethechristian), here after referred as MFNIM is an international Ethiopian Church established on the 17th of September 2002. MFNIM is non-profit making; registered with the Federal Ministry of Justice with identification No 912 and TIN No 0030338802; with the aim of addressing the generation. The church had been initiated and founded by the Principal Apostle Zelalem Getachew Tekeste.  

MFNIM is an autonomous and legal organization having its own General Assembly, Board of Directors, Executive Secretary assisted by professional, semi-professional and volunteer staff members.

Since its inception, MFNIM has been undertaking the following major programs: 

  • Local Church/s
  • Bible school
  • Prophets training center & outreach
  • Business center
  1. Organization name : Mission for Nation International Ministry (MFNIM)

  2. Date founded September 17, 2002

  3. Registration :  Federal Ministry of Justice (now Ministry of Federal Affairs)

  4. Registration Number 912

  5. Target Groups : Current generation

  6. Organizational structure :


MFNIM has a Principal Apostle, General Assembly and Board of Directors under the leadership of Executive Secretary. The Executive Secretary is assisted by a regular paid staff composed of competent and multi-disciplinary professionals in the sphere of Management and Finance.

      7. Staff profile : Including the principal Apostle and beyond the main pastors, there are professional and semi-professionals involved in all the programs. Program officers with a minimum requirement of BA up to MA are in charge                                of each program. Particularly, persons in charge of the Bible College and remaining departments are all with a minimum of BA in the field of Social science, leadership and related fields.  

  1. Name of MFNIM Principal Apostle Apostle Zelalem Getachew Tekessete

  2. Global & local Region(s) where the church works : Mission for Nation International Ministry (MFNIM) is working across the world in some countries of USA, Europe, Africa and Middle East. And in all regions of Ethiopia (Addis Ababa, Oromia, Amhara, Tigray, Southern Nations & Nationalities, Gambela, Afar, Benshangul, Harrari, Dredawa and Somalia) which are densely populated areas.

  3. Organization’s :

    Vision Arise a generation that is to be emerged from Ethiopia via the world during the last age with reference to the mere vision of God (Eph. 1:10).  

    Mission Have the appropriate preaching & teachings, MFNIM develop a generation of the last age through issues of Church, Bible School, Prophets training center & outreach and Business Center.

    General objective :
  • In addition to the respected chapels, MFNIM disseminates gospel on streets and at public gatherings.
  • Identify those Apostolic & Prophetic offices and organize an Apostolic Team which is the mere foundations of a generation.
  • Organize teachings and institutionalize too at different levels in order to ensure the generation will not be perished without knowing of God.
  • Organize capacity building programs for Christians to be empowered through income, business development and livelihood skills.

    Values :
  • Respect …,
  • Integrity…,
  • Mutual trust… and
  • Provision of intended and quality service to target groups…
  • Ensure that God is going to be personal to everybody.
  • There will not be religion. One has to be either new creature or pagan.
  • Having a renewed mind, a generation being amplified in Christ will be raised from Ethiopia.
  • Apostles and Prophets, who are foundations of the generation, will be recognized.

    Principles : MFNIM has its own principles that base its vision. They are:

    Governance : Having followed an apostolic leadership, MFNIM is governed by a principal Apostle who is in charge for the day to day activities. 

    Passion : Our mission is not new but serving our own generation as our forefathers did.  

    Our WordPsalms 89:20-35 is the word (Admin Manual) provided by God to people or organizations involved in MFNIM.

    One Vision : We know that God has only one vision says, “To bring all things in heaven in heaven and on earth” (Eph. 1:10). We have also carried out our part as David did for his own generation (Act. 13:36).

    Finance  : MFNIM delivers its day-to-day services through tithes and offerings collected from members and likeminded partners

    Organization’s annual budget (in Birr):



Total Budget Birr






  1. Major funding partners : Members of the church/ministry

  2. Major achievements
  • Can organize 136 effective chapels across the world
  • Can have five years strategic plan and be governed with it
  • Can build and organize bible college and also reorganize the ministry accordingly
  • Can create working opportunity for about 150 fulltime ministers and 350 volunteers
  • Can develop the way of working together with government as well as relevant non-government entities to address the target generation
  • Can have the chance to address the generation through five global television channels; namely EBS, Elshadi, CJ, CCTV and Opena Cannal.
  1. Affiliation and Linkage

    Mission for Nation International Ministry (MFNIM) is working with likeminded churches, ministries, governmental, non-governmental, private institutions and individuals as well.

  2. On-going collaborations : 

    In collaboration with concerned stakeholders; beneficiaries, target area governmental organizations, agencies and CSOs, Mission for Nation International Ministry (MFNIM) has been working towards addressing the generation.

  3. The Bible college : 

    As it mentioned above, Mission for Nation International Ministry (MFNIM) has run different departments. The earlier Wisdom Fellow Ship Bible School now College is the one among the prominent pillars of the ministry.The school (College) has given different courses for number of people across the target areas during the last twelve years. The school (college) can address around ten thousand students in the different regions of the country.Recently the school (college) has built its own building and is at a stage of start up the entire college structure. The school (College) has its own branch schools (centers) in each regional office. The main head of the college is the school director who would be in charge of the principal Apostle.
    Currently, the college has the capacity to register and handle about 50 students. All the dormitories and other related facilities have been well organized. It has started its official service before six months back. Until now, around 120 main pastors have got an initial course in three rounds. The initial course contains three parts that cover a month of time each.Since the college is in an initial stage, the entire curriculum, system and other related issues are under way. Hopefully, the formal certificate, diploma and first degree programs will be launched soon.

  4. Address : 

Contact person

Apostle Zelalem Getachew Tekesste


Addis Ababa





P.O. Box



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  1. The Way forward : 

    MFNIM is currently carrying out its next five years (2009 E.C – 2013 E.C/2016(17) – 2020(21)) strategic plan parallel with a research to be carried out upon the accomplishment of the earlier five years (2004 E.C – 2008/2011(2) – 2015(16)) strategic plan. 

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